**** Even More Breaking News****

In case you missed it,  It was a Blast!!!

For those that attended and those that Donated, We Thank You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts!!  
We know there were many who couldn't make this one, and we are sorry you couldn't.  We love you anyway, and hope you can make the Next One!

It was a lot of fun and there were a lot of Mules we haven't seen for a long time!  Some traveled many, many miles!  You folks are just Great and we are so happy you made it!  A Special Thanks to Mike Brandenberger and Wink Kelso for entertaining us both nights! Thanks to Steve Kerr and Katy Webb for all the photos taken! A very big Thanks to all our Donaters for their generosity!!  Wow!!  And a Special Thank You to all our Reunion Committee Members for their Work and contributions!
And most of all Thank You Mules! 

*****Breaking News*****

It's almost time to Party!
We are about one week out.  If you havent bought your tickets for Saturday Night at Silverhorn Golf Club, do it now!  We have to turn in our Food Order NOW!!

Some folks have asked about the cost of our Photo Booth pics.  They are included with your ticket so no extra cost to you! 


We are glad you are here and look forward to seeing you at the Reunion!

  1. Please be sure to Register and sign up for Tickets!  We need to get a good "headcount" as soon as we can!

  2.  For those Mules who would like to make a donation toward our reunion events, thank you and please visit our Donation Page!   All funds will be used on this and future events.

We are still looking for several Classmates.  Vist our "Where Are They" page and let us know if you have any information on these "Lost Mules".  We NEED this NOW!!

If you have any questions, go to our "Contact Us" page and send me an email or give me a call.  I will be glad to help!

Reunion Committee Members:

Anita 'Sneedie' Dibrell    
Cookie Woods Lochbrunner
Jo Ann Epp Schweers     
Paula Boyden                  
Marshall Fleener             
Merry Messinger Ayers  
Linda Fitch Holland         
Danny Boothe                 

Dianne Huff Hallmark